You Find a Girl for Rahul Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi Tells Haryana Woman Farmer

You Find a Girl for Rahul Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi Tells Haryana Woman Farmer

As part of a community effort, Rahul Gandhi, a leader from the Congress party, along with his mother, Sonia Gandhi, who used to be the party president, and his sister, Priyanka Gandhi, who is a general secretary in the party, had a friendly meeting with a group of women farmers from Haryana.

Sonia Gandhi arranged a lunchtime gathering at her home. During their conversation, the women farmers playfully suggested to Sonia Gandhi that Rahul should get married.To this, she humorously responded, ” Aap ladki dhundho na {You find a girl for him}.” In response, Rahul simply said, “It will happen.”

Rahul Gandhi posted a sneak peek of the meeting on social media

Translated in English – “A day to remember for Maa, Priyanka, and me with some very special guests! Delhi darshan of Sonipat’s farmer sisters, dinner with them at home, and lots of fun things to do. Got priceless gifts together – desi ghee, sweet lassi, homemade pickles, and lots of love,” On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi posted a tweet in Hindi where he shared a video of a meeting.

On July 8, Rahul Gandhi visited Madina village in Haryana’s Sonipat and had a friendly chat with the people living there. He even had some fun driving a tractor and planting paddy in the fields. To show his kindness and solidarity, he also had a meal with the hardworking farmers who were toiling in the fields.

Rahul Gandhi, in the past, made a pledge to welcome them to Delhi for a special ‘Delhi Darshan.’ They mentioned that they had never been to the capital city, even though they lived nearby. Rahul Gandhi also warmly invited them to have lunch together.

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