5 Traditional Offerings Made to Lord Ganesha On Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha's delight, a sweet dumpling with rice/wheat shell, jaggery-coconut filling, and a shape resembling his tummy, symbolizing devotion 


The coconut, symbolizing purity and prosperity, is offered to Lord Ganesha. Breaking it signifies surrendering the ego for spiritual growth and seeking His blessings. The inner kernel symbolizes purity and nourishment.


Durva grass, also called Bermuda grass, is significant in Lord Ganesha's worship. It symbolizes the divine trinity and seeking forgiveness.

Durva grass

Laddu, a sweet offering to Lord Ganesha, symbolizes devotion's sweetness. It's a sacred treat, seeking blessings for a joyous, spiritual life.


Bananas show humility in Lord Ganesha's worship. Giving them expresses pure devotion, highlighting humility over pride. Lord Ganesha gladly accepts this humble gift.