Vijay Raghavendra’s Wife Spandana Passes Away in Bangkok Due to Heart Attack

Vijay Raghavendra's Wife Spandana Passes Away in Bangkok Due to Heart Attack

In a truly heartbreaking incident that has left everyone stunned, Spandana, the beloved wife of famous Kannada actor Vijay Raghavendra, tragically passed away on Sunday night in Bangkok. She was only 41 years old.

Spandana was having a wonderful vacation in Thailand’s capital city with her cousins, but something unexpected happened. While she was sleeping peacefully, she never woke up again. Vijay Raghavendra’s brother, Sri Murali, confirmed this sad news, saying that she had a heart attack because her blood pressure was very low. This shocking event left the family feeling very sad and unable to believe what happened.

Spandana, who was the daughter of a retired police officer named B K Shivaram, got married to Vijay Raghavendra in 2007. The couple had a lovely son. Vijay Raghavendra, who is known for his acting and singing in Kannada movies, won a big award in 2016 for his role in the movie “Shivayogi Sri Puttayyajja.” He also won the first season of “Bigg Boss Kannada” and was a judge on the TV show “Dance Karnataka Dance.”

Unfortunately, there was more sad news as reports came out about Spandana’s unexpected death. According to the news, she had a heart attack while she was in a hospital in Bangkok. Her low blood pressure was said to be the main reason for the heart attack. It’s a sad reminder that even healthy people can sometimes have serious health problems.

The grieving family is waiting for Spandana’s body to return to their hometown, Bangalore, where they will perform the last rites and rituals to say goodbye. The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, and Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar shared their sadness and prayers for Spandana’s soul.

As the film industry and political figures continue to mourn her loss, Spandana’s memory will remind us all to appreciate every moment and cherish the people we love. Her absence is a reminder of how fragile life can be and how important it is to take care of our health.

Who is Vijay Raghavendra’s wife?

Spandana Raghavendra.

Is Vijay Raghavendra’s wife passed away?

Yes, Vijay Raghavendra’s wife, Spandana, has tragically passed away. she had a heart attack because her blood pressure was very low.

Who is Vijay Raghavendra’s brother?

Vijay Raghavendra’s brother is Sri Murali.

Who is Sri Murali?

Sri Murali, also called Murali, is an actor from India who mostly acts in Kannada movies. He started his acting journey in 2003 with the movie Chandra Chakori. Later, he played the main role in a movie named Kanti, which earned him the Best Actor award from Karnataka State Film Award in 2004.

Is Vijay Raghavendra married?

Yes, Vijay Raghavendra married Spandana Raghavendra.

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