Sonepat: Two Retired Army Personnel Shot Dead

A person named Gurcharan Singh, who happened to be passing by, also got shot and is now receiving medical care at Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College for Women in Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat. On Friday, in the Gohana area on the outskirts of Lath village, two retired army personnel were tragically shot and killed by a group of attackers who were riding in cars and on motorcycles.

Sonepat: Two Retired Army Personnel Shot Dead

On Friday, a tragic incident occurred on the outskirts of Lath village in Sonepat’s Gohana. According to the police, a group of individuals, some in cars and others on motorcycles, reportedly attacked and fatally shot two retired army personnel. Additionally, a passerby named Gurcharan Singh was also injured by gunfire during the incident. He is currently receiving medical treatment at Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College for Women in Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat.

The two individuals who tragically lost their lives in this incident have been identified as Ramesh and his grandfather Raj Singh. Both of them had previously served in the army, and unfortunately, we do not have information regarding their ages at this time.

In his report to the police, Manjeet explained that his cousin Ramesh and grandfather Raj Singh were traveling on a motorcycle to Sonepat. They were on their way to meet their sons, Vicky (who is Raj’s son) and Vijay Pal, also known as Bhatra (who is Ramesh’s son). These sons were in jail due to their involvement in the unfortunate incident where a fellow villager named Suraj lost his life on April 22 earlier this year.

“When the two of them reached the bus stand near our village’s outskirts, a group of men in two cars and two bikes blocked their way and fired around 30 shots at them. Sadly, both Ramesh and Raj Singh lost their lives at the scene. Manjeet revealed that this attack was allegedly planned by Ranbir Singh, who is the father of Suraj, the individual who tragically lost his life on April 22 earlier this year. The assailants involved in this incident are said to be five individuals from our village, namely Deepak, Monu, Amit, Dharmpal, and Ranbir,” he further explained.

Manjeet also mentioned that the victims, Ramesh and Raj Singh, were on their way to the Sonepat jail to inform the authorities about a serious matter. They intended to report that Vicky, who was incarcerated in that jail, was facing death threats. Their plan was to request the authorities to transfer Vicky to the Panipat jail for his safety.

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Gohana’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Bharti Dabas, has reported that a significant number of bullets, approximately 30 to 35 rounds, were discharged during the incident. Tragically, this gunfire resulted in the loss of two retired army personnel’s lives, while one innocent passerby suffered injuries.

“The family of the deceased has made allegations that the attackers arrived on the scene using two bikes and two cars. However, upon reviewing the CCTV footage, it appears that there were five masked individuals on two bikes. A team from the forensic science laboratory has already gathered evidence from the crime scene. Additionally, the post-mortem examination of the deceased individuals has been conducted, and we are currently awaiting the results of the report,” DCP Bharti Dabas stated.

Vazir Singh, the Station House Officer (SHO) at Gohana Sadar police station, has revealed that the tragic double murder appears to have been carried out as an act of revenge for the death of a fellow villager named Suraj. He further explained that there has been a longstanding rivalry between the families of both the accused and the victims.

“We have taken legal action by booking five individuals, namely Deepak, Monu, Dharampal, Amit, and Ranbir, along with others under Sections 148, 149, 302 (related to murder), 307 (pertaining to attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and Section 25 of the Arms Act. Special teams have been formed with the objective of apprehending the accused individuals,” added SHO Vazir Singh.

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