Pakistan Cricket Team’s Official Confirmation: Journey to India for ICC World Cup 2023

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry has officially stated that their national cricket team will be going to India for the ICC World Cup 2023. This decision was made because Pakistan had earlier mentioned that they might not take part in the World Cup due to India’s announcement that they wouldn’t go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup in 2023. In a written statement, the Pakistan Foreign Ministry highlighted the importance of keeping sports separate from politics.

“Pakistan has consistently maintained that sports should not be mixed with politics. It has, therefore, decided to send its Cricket Team to India to participate in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023,” announced the foreign ministry in an official statement.

The press statement also mentioned that Pakistan is demonstrating a positive and accountable stance compared to India’s stubborn behavior. It believes that international sports commitments should not be hindered by political differences.

“Pakistan thinks that its relationship with India shouldn’t stop it from meeting its global sports duties. Pakistan’s choice demonstrates its positive and responsible stance compared to India’s stubborn behavior. India didn’t agree to send its Cricket Team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, but Pakistan still believes in being constructive and responsible.”

Worried about the safety of the Pakistan team

The Pakistan foreign office also expressed worry about the safety of its cricket squad while in India. They informed both the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Indian officials about their concerns.

“Pakistan, however, has deep concerns about the security of its Cricket Team. We are conveying these concerns to the International Cricket Council and the Indian authorities. We expect that full safety and security of Pakistan Cricket Team will be ensured during its visit to India,” stated the foreign ministry of Pakistan.

The exciting India-Pakistan World Cup match with lots of energy is planned to happen on 14 October at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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