Nuh Village Panchayat takes Drastic Action: 16 People Handed Over to Police

Nuh Village Panchayat's Drastic Action: Five of the suspects in police custody Photo

The Singar village panchayat in Nuh has given 16 individuals to the Nuh police due to their suspected role in the communal conflict that started on July 31. They mentioned that on Sunday, they gave five of the individuals to the police, and on Monday, they handed over two more. This action was taken following a village meeting held earlier this month.

The people living in the village said that they decided on August 6th because the police were repeatedly coming to the area and searching it.

The head of the village, Mohammad Shakit, mentioned that the atmosphere in the village turned quite stressful after the raids. This caused numerous villagers to depart along with their livestock.

“We arranged a village meeting where we discussed that the men who the police have recognized and are currently evading arrest should come forward and surrender to the police. Afterward, the police assured us that they won’t carry out any more surprise visits that could disrupt the village’s harmony,” he explained.

Shakit mentioned that they’ve given up to 16 people who they believe took part in the violent incidents in their village starting from August 8th.

Mohammad Irsad, who is a member of the local panchayat, mentioned that they are currently working on persuading the family members to withdraw their support for these individuals who are under suspicion. He acknowledged that this task is challenging, but he pointed out that the families are willingly collaborating with both the panchayat and the police. According to him, the families have even reached out to their children, who had sought refuge in neighboring villages, urging them to come back home.

The police report states that these individuals aimed for worshippers. As a result, these worshippers became stuck in the Singar village temple for numerous hours amidst the chaos.

In the meantime, Narender Bijarniya, who serves as the superintendent of police in Nuh, expressed praise for the initiative taken by the panchayat.

“We’ve been consistently having meetings with members from both communities, urging them to surrender those responsible for the violent incident to the police. If they don’t comply, we’ll be forced to take strict measures on our own. The impact of this plea led the Singar villagers to hand over five suspects to the Bichhor police station team last Sunday,” he explained.

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