Watch: Neymar Receives Thunderous Welcome at Saudi Club Al Hilal

Watch: Neymar Receives Thunderous Welcome at Saudi Club Al Hilal

In this video, we observe the exuberant and lively welcome Neymar, the famous Brazilian soccer player, receives upon his arrival at the Saudi Arabian club, Al-Hilal. The crowd’s energy is palpable as they enthusiastically cheer for Neymar when he enters the premises. This moment captures the immense excitement and eagerness surrounding Neymar’s association with the Al-Hilal club.

Brazilian soccer sensation Neymar was warmly greeted by a large number of enthusiastic fans at Al-Hilal. This marked his introduction into the group of famous football players who have become a part of the well-supported Saudi Pro League.

A stunning display of flame-throwers and a dazzling show of fireworks lit up the sky above Riyadh. This provided a captivating setting for the charismatic forward as he stepped onto the field wearing Al-Hilal’s unique blue jersey. All of this took place at the magnificent King Fahd International Stadium, which has the capacity to accommodate up to 68,000 people.

Neymar, who is 31 years old, used to be the most costly soccer player globally after moving to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. He responded to the enthusiastic audience with friendly waves and smiles as they welcomed him warmly.

Enhancing the visual experience, a display of drones arranged themselves to spell out the phrase “Neymar is blue” in the sky right above the location.

After he was introduced, along with the new signings Malcolm and Yassine Bounou, the stadium lights illuminated, and the sound of the Muslim call to prayer echoed through the speakers.

Neymar’s arrival has stirred up a lot of enthusiasm. He is following in the footsteps of many other well-known players who are nearing the end of their careers and are being tempted by lucrative contracts from wealthy Saudi clubs.

Six years ago, Neymar became a part of Paris Saint-Germain, a team owned by Qatar, after leaving Barcelona. His transfer set a new world record as the highest fee paid, standing at 222 million euros (which is about $242 million). Throughout his time at the club, he managed to score 118 goals in 173 matches, even though he had to deal with several injuries along the way.

As per a source familiar with the discussions, he’s set to make 100 million euros each year in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, PSG will also gain 100 million euros through this agreement.

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