Mohamed Al-Fayed: Billionaire, The Former Harrods Tycoon, Passes Away at 94

Billionaire Former Harrods Owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Passes Away at 94

Remembering Mohamed Al-Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed, the outspoken Egyptian business magnate who transformed the fates of two renowned London establishments – Harrods department store and Fulham Football Club, and engaged in a public dispute with the British royal family following the tragic car accident that claimed his son and Diana, Princess of Wales, has passed away at the age of 94, as reported by CNN, citing a statement from his family.

Family Statement

In a statement released by Fulham FC on Friday, Mrs. Mohamed Al Fayed, along with her children and grandchildren, confirmed the peaceful passing of her beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Mohamed, due to old age on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

A Life Well-Lived

Al-Fayed, originally from Alexandria, Egypt, was born in 1929. After relocating to the UK during the 1970s, he acquired various luxurious businesses and integrated himself into London’s high society. He was also the proprietor of the legendary Ritz Hotel in Paris for four decades.

Controversial Pursuits

However, he gained notoriety for his public quest for British citizenship and became an even more controversial figure after the tragic deaths of Diana and his son Dodi Fayed in Paris in 1997, according to CNN. Despite investigations indicating otherwise, Al-Fayed maintained for many years that their deaths were not accidental. In his later years, he expressed strong disdain for the British royal family.

Connections and Clashes

During his earlier life, Al-Fayed formed connections, including a short-lived marriage to Saudi author Samira Khashoggi, who was also the sister of the wealthy arms trader Adnan Khashoggi. His tumultuous relationship with the British elite became widely known during this period. He engaged in a highly publicized battle for British citizenship, which was triggered when he was questioned about the source of his wealth by Rowland. In 1994, he revealed British legislators who had accepted money from him in exchange for posing questions in Parliament on his behalf, leading to a political scandal, as reported by CNN.

Relentless Pursuit of Truth

Following the tragic car accident in 1997, Al-Fayed consistently criticized the British royal family and found himself unwelcome among some of the nation’s elite. He once lamented the state of affairs in the country, saying, “I live in a country where I feel sorry for the ordinary people and the masses of the people who live in this country. Their destiny and their human rights are kidnapped by gangsters and people who call themselves the establishment.”

During the inquest into Diana’s death, he referred to this group as a “Dracula family” and vowed that he would not cease his quest for the truth “until I die,” even if it meant sacrificing “everything to find the truth,” a promise he upheld for many years.

Sports and Legacy

In the realm of sports, Al-Fayed gained prominence by acquiring Fulham, the oldest football club in London, initially from the lower tiers of English football.

Family and Heritage

Al-Fayed leaves behind a family of six children, including Dodi and the environmentally-conscious entrepreneur Omar Fayed, as reported by CNN.

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