Massive Landslide in Raigad: 16 Dead, 100 Feared Trapped – CM Eknath Shinde on the Scene | Raigad remains on high alert

Massive Landslide in Raigad: 16 Dead, 100 Feared Trapped - CM Eknath Shinde on the Scene | Raigad remains on high alert

In Raigad district, about 63 kilometers away from Mumbai, a devastating landslide occurred in the village of Irshalwadi during heavy rainfall at 10:45 pm on Wednesday (19/07/2023) . The catastrophe resulted in the tragic loss of at least 16 lives, while over 100 people are feared to be trapped under debris and loose soil.

The village of Irshalwadi, with a total population of 228, faced the brunt of the landslide, and almost all houses, except five, were completely destroyed. Amidst the chaos, 103 people were fortunately rescued, but 21 others sustained injuries. Seventeen of the injured received immediate first aid, while six were taken to MGM Hospital in Panvel for further treatment.

The distressing incident came to light when a brave young boy from the village traveled 10 kilometers to reach the nearest police station in Khalapur’s Chouk. From Chouk, it was a challenging three-kilometer journey to Irshalwadi, which was accessible by motor vehicles. The police were promptly alerted about the disaster, and with the help of Chouk Gramast Mandal, a local youth organization, they bravely made their way uphill to the village in the dead of night.

In the wake of a devastating landslide in the village of Irshalwadi, Raigad district, the region is grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis. The incident, which occurred during heavy rainfall at approximately 10:45 pm, has left at least 16 people dead, and over 100 are feared to be trapped under the debris and loose soil.

How did Chief Minister Eknath Shinde react to the calamity?

In response to the calamity, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took immediate action, getting in touch with Konkan divisional commissioner Mahendra Kalyankar and Raigad collector Yogesh Mhase. Together, they mobilized the disaster management machinery and rushed to the affected area in Chouk. The National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) dispatched a team of 23 personnel to the site, arriving at 4 am to aid in the rescue efforts.

Prior to the NDRF’s arrival, volunteers from Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Raigad districts had already arrived at the scene to extend their help. One of the volunteers, Mohammed Hanif Hussain Karjikar, from the Khopoli-based organization Aapda Mitra, described the scene as devastating. The entire village was buried under the mudslide, resulting in some families being completely wiped out. Despite the difficult conditions caused by continuous rainfall, the volunteers and rescue teams relentlessly worked to manually remove debris until additional support arrived from the NDRF and Thane Disaster Relief Force.

The rescue operation faced numerous challenges due to the treacherous terrain and the slippery trail leading to the hamlet. It took over one-and-a-half hours for rescue teams to reach the site on foot. Raigad’s Deputy Collector, Dattatrey Nawale, highlighted the difficulties posed by the adverse weather conditions, which hindered their ability to carry out the rescue operation at full force.

Why was the rescue operation in Raigad called off in the evening

Following the calamitous landslide in Raigad district has faced significant obstacles, primarily due to adverse weather conditions. Deepak Tiwari from the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) revealed that the operation had to be called off in the evening due to bad weather. The absence of crucial machinery, such as earth movers, has further impeded the rescue efforts, with Tiwari emphasizing that their availability could have expedited the work and potentially rescued more people.

Regrettably, the rescue operation had to be suspended at 5 pm amid fears of triggering another landslide in the dark. The authorities have taken the decision to resume the efforts at 5 am on Friday, taking into account safety concerns and the unpredictable weather conditions.

During the ongoing assembly session, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis informed that Indian Air Force choppers were unable to airlift the 1.2-tonne earth movers due to the unfavorable weather conditions. Despite keeping the choppers ready at Mumbai airport, the plan couldn’t be executed. Instead, the authorities are now attempting to transport three bob cut machines to the site, with one of them already reaching the NDRF base camp near the affected area and the other two en route. In an effort to speed up the manual rescue operation, an additional 1,000 personnel from CIDCO have been deployed to the site.

What amount did the Chief Minister announce as relief payment for the deceased’s family members?

In the aftermath of the devastating landslide in Raigad district, the Chief Minister, along with his team, reached the base of the hill early Thursday morning, making their way to the spot by afternoon. During the visit, the district administration identified 102 individuals who will be provided shelter in temporary transit camps. Additionally, the Chief Minister announced a relief payment amount of ₹5 lakh to be given to the deceased’s Family members, offering some respite to the grieving families.

The severity of the situation prompted Union Home Minister Amit Shah to extend support and assistance to tackle this crisis. In collaboration with the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF), two teams were on standby, working in coordination with fire brigade officials, local revenue machinery, and police officers to carry out the crucial rescue operations.

Key government officials, including Raigad’s Guardian Minister Uday Samant, Rural Development Minister Girish Mahajan, and Public Works (Undertakings) Minister Dada Bhuse, visited the affected spot to assess the magnitude of the disaster and oversee relief efforts.

In a show of solidarity and cooperation, local trekker groups, namely Yashwanti and Sahyadri, actively supported the NDRF in the rescue operations.

As the rescue operations continue, the entire state stands united in their efforts to provide aid and support to the affected communities. With the combined efforts of the government, NDRF, and local volunteers, the hope remains strong for successful rescue operations and rehabilitation of those impacted by this calamity.

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