Big Problem: Pakistanis Sad as Burj Khalifa Doesn’t Show Flag on Pakistan Independence Day 2023

Pakistanis Sad as Burj Khalifa Doesn't Show Flag on Pakistan Independence Day 2023

Dubai: On August 14, 2023, Pakistanis globally unite to commemorate their 77th Independence Day. However, a noteworthy incident at Dubai’s renowned Burj Khalifa has stirred a significant debate. As the clock chimed 12 to honor Pakistan’s Independence Day, the tallest building in the world remained unlit with Pakistan’s flag, causing disappointment among the Pakistani community.

At midnight, a large group of individuals from Dubai and Pakistani locals assembled near the Burj Khalifa, aiming to catch a glimpse of their national flag being showcased on the renowned structure.

Yet, their hopes turned to disappointment when they found out that the flag of Pakistan would NOT be shown. The Burj Khalifa usually showcases different countries’ flags on their Independence days. But this situation made Pakistanis very angry.

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After a short period of surprise, the gathered people began to chant slogans related to Pakistan, hoping to receive an explanation for the absence of their nation’s flag. People who were present said that officials told them that the flag of Pakistan would not be shown as a part of their Independence Day festivities.

“It’s currently 12.01 am, and the authorities in Dubai have let us know that Pakistan’s national flag will not be shown on Burj Khalifa. These are the details we have at the moment,” reported a lady who captured the entire situation as it happened.

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14th, which is a day before India’s Independence Day. This date marks the separation of Pakistan from India in the year 1947. On this significant day, both nations achieved freedom from British rule.

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